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 PS4 Console Services

We provide services for Playstation 3/4.

This encapsulates HDMI Socket-Port replacement, USB Socket-Port replacement, Laser replacement, Hard Disk Drive replacement, Re-Flows and Re-Balling and finally, Particle and Paste servicing which should done on an annual basis unless there is over extended game play involved.

PS4 Laser

Laser Replacement

PS4 Game Console

No Fix No Fee Repairs on PS4 Consoles

Arctic MX2 Thermal Paste

Particle & Paste Services

PS Reflows & Reballing

GPU & APU Re-flows

PS4 HDMI Socket

PS3/4 HDMI Socket Repairs

HDMI Scaler Chip

HDMI Scaler Chip Repairs

Westen Digital 1TB HDD

Hard Drive Services